Tackling A Pivotal Issue In Commercial Door Hardware

Posted by Jeff Dinardo on

Rixson pivots and pivot sets are highly recommended for all high traffic interior and exterior doors, or for any door where appearance is an important consideration. Rixson pivots are especially useful for extra heavy or lead lined doors. Among the best selling Rixson pivots are the Rixson 117 Offset Hung Pivot; the Rixson 128-3/4 Center Hung Pivot; and the Rixson M19 Offset Intermediate Pivot,

Rixson pivots and pivot sets offer a myriad of benefits, among the most important of which are: aesthetics; quality performance; enhanced safety; and economy. Rixson Pivots provide longer life and more trouble-free operation than any other door hanging devices. Accommodating door loads of up to 1,700 pounds, Rixson pivots are available for use with labeled fire doors and lead lined doors as well. And all Rixson pivots and pivot sets meet or exceed ANSI grade 1 standards. Clearly Rixson is the logical choice for all of your pivot and pivot set applications

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